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Oil-fueled catastrophe in the airline industry would cripple US economy and eliminate US jobs, study reveals

A new study prepared by the Business Travel Coalition (BTC) has revealed that the skyrocketing price of aviation fuel will have devastating implications far beyond new surcharges for checked bags and in-flight beverage services. According to the BTC study, not only are US airlines and their passengers facing their darkest future, but fast-approaching airline liquidations will cripple the US economy that depends on affordable, frequent intercity air transportation.

The BTC study, “Beyond the Airlines’ $2 Can of Coke: Catastrophic Impact on the US Economy from Oil-price Trauma in the Airline Industry,” is projecting that massive job losses, supply chain disruption, declining business activity, shrinking tax revenues, weakened American competitiveness, devastated communities, and reduced tourism are just some of the predictable results from airline liquidations that could happen as early as the second half of 2008 as a direct result of unsustainable fuel prices.

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